Saturday, November 5, 2011

Honing My Craft

So a little over a year ago I went back to school...well I took an Anatomy/Life Drawing class at the Art Students League here in NYC.The decision came after my mother had passed away....I kept thinking about unfulfilled dreams and one of mine was to be a Comic Book Artist & Freelance Illustrator,I had done some illustration work in the 90's but I would never say I was an illustrator,I respected the guys making ends meet doing such work to put myself in that category,Around the same time I got into music and Djing and have been doing so ever since,been lucky to tour the world because of it (art took a backseat for 10 years) but as i'm getting older and now married I figured it was time to draw again a childhood friend suggested the league so I checked it was the best decision I could've made!I'll be attending classes again this year to keep building my skill set,I've also developed a plan to break into the comics/illustration game,through a lot of hard work,determination and a little luck you could be seeing some of my work in print.

I have a Deviant Art page where I will post work so feel free to check it.

I'll also be posting work here too.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings,have a great day!


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