Thursday, August 28, 2008


So my man Blac Ren bigged me up on a post yesterday which dealt with video games (which I love)and made a dope top 5 list of games to look out for in the near future so I figured I should add one to that list,a FPS that I'm looking forward to (on top of Gears Of War 2) it's called Legendary...It's about an art thief named Charles Deckard who is hired by a shadowy orginisation to steal Pandora's Box which is housed inside the basement of a New York Museum,unaware of the boxes true identity he unwittingly releases the contents onto the world, a slew of mythological creatures which seek to reclaim the Earth as their own.his mission is to close the box with the help of a paramilitary group or have the Earth lost forever to these creatures of Myth.basically a dope premise which yes we've seen New York decimated by natural disasters and monsters but as you'll see after the jump it takes it in a whole new direction.I've posted the trailer as well as some behind the scenes biz,a must pre-order.

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Blacren said...

It's gonna be a long winter for us videogame heads...
In a Good Way!